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Penalties for a First Time DUI/OWI Offense in the State of Indiana

Making mistakes is a part of being human and anyone is capable of errors in judgement, and even a few drinks can result in being arrested for a DUI   Indiana officially uses the term “operating while intoxicated” (OWI) instead of “driving under the influence” (DUI). However, some people still use DUI (driving under the influence) [...]

Reasonable Suspicion

It was a dark, clear autumn night. All was quiet in the Officer’s squad car, at least until the radar gun whined as a vehicle approached. The Officer, one hundred percent sure that the vehicle was speeding, conducted what would be anything but a routine traffic stop. Never once did the Officer write down how [...]

No Information is not False Information

Thanks to technology, information is abundant and travels quickly. It is impossible to keep up with everything, so instead we increasingly rely on experts and fact checkers, like the news, professionals, and even social media influencers, to parse information for us.  In the legal realm, however, the judicial system serves as the ultimate fact checker. [...]

The Insanity Defense

We have all heard the “definition” of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. That is, of course, not the legal definition, which involves a defendant having a mental illness causing the inability to determine fantasy from reality at the time defendant committed the crime. Insanity is available as a [...]

Equal Justice Under the Law

Imagine yourself zooming along the highway at 90 miles per hour. Suddenly you see the familiar red and blue rolling lights—you have been caught speeding. A set of rules known as traffic laws dictate appropriate behavior on roads, and you have broken them. You could get a warning, a ticket, or even lose your license. [...]

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